Grand Canyon right here!

There is a place just 40 km from Bangalore that resembles the Grand Canyon of the US. It is a great spot to trek too!

This canyon-like range stretches over a few kilometres, with gorges as deep as 30 feet.
This canyon-like range stretches over a few kilometres, with gorges as deep as 30 feet.

Nature has created many wonders across the world. But for most people, visiting these magical places is a dream, and often it remains one.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States is one of the most famous among these, with its 446 km long canyon formation consisting of high cliffs, deep gorges and fantastic rock formations.

To visit this wonder land, one has to travel nearly 15,000 kms from Bengaluru, with all the expense that implies. But not many know that there’s a mini replica of the Grand Canyon right here in Karnataka, some 40 kms away from Bengaluru city.

Situated near Hoskote, this canyon-like range stretches over a few kilometres, with gorges as deep as 30 feet. This deep ravine snaking between cliffs is said to have been carved out of the landscape by the Palar river which flows through the Kolar region. The canyon was formed by a process of erosion, and the area becoming an arid zone over a long period of time.

Unusual destination
Canyon formation at Hoskote near Bangalore.

Because the soil in the canyon is baked by the sun, it has become very hard and cannot absorb water when it rains. Due to this effect the area has very less green cover.

The plants that grow in the canyon tend to have very shallow root systems so that they can grab as much water as possible on those rare occasions when it does rain. But all this devastation wreaked by nature has turned out to be an attraction for trekkers, photographers and nature enthusiasts.

This area has also been filmed by some filmmakers, which has led the people in surrounding areas to refer to it as the ‘shooting spot.’


How to get there

Take the road from Bangalore to Hoskote and take the deviation towards Shiddlaghatta. You will spot the canyon on your right hand side and the place is called Jangamakote, also popularly known as ‘shooting spot’ in the area. The distance is almost 40 kilometres from Bangalore.

Trekking tips

  • Watch out for snakes.
  • Be careful while descending.
  • Go in a group, as the area is sparsely populated.
  • Self transportation is must, since there is no proper bus facility.
  • There is no water facility, so make sure you carry it.
  • Ideally this would be a one-day trekking program, else Kolar would be the best place to stay.

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