A memorial in the form of Stonehenge of England has been built in memory of renowned
poet Kuvempu at Kuppalli. A visit here is worthwhile as you can see lush green forest

Pic - 3 (2)
Photograph by Shravan Regret Iyer


If you wished to visit the Stonehenge, the pre- historic, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England with a history of over 4,000 years, and could not fulfill it, don’t worry. Here is a chance to have a look at its replica in Kavishaila near Kuppalli, which is about 350 km from Bengaluru.
The mysterious Stonehenge in England draws nearly 8,00,000 visitors per year. Majority of the tourists go there to watch the sunrise at this ancient and mystical site. The visit to Kavishaila is no less. Kavishaila is a megalithic stone structure built to resemble Stonehenge.

It was constructed in memory of Karnataka’s famous poet and Jnanpeeth award winner Kuppalli Venktapppa Puttappa or Kuvempu. Kavishaila is the name given to the rock formation.

Pic - 4-1
Photograph by Shravan Regret Iyer

At the centre of it lay the bodies of the world renowned poet Kuvempu and his son Purnachandra Tejaswi. Arranged in a circular fashion, these mega- lithic rocks can be seen atop a hillock in Kuppalli.
A granite slab containing the poems and quotes of Kuvempu lies adjacent to the rock formation.

Once you start descending the hillock amid the surrounding lush green forests, you are greeted with resounding calls of wild peacocks. You can also sight few of these majestic birds on the hill. On the descent you see a big traditional house or thotti mane, which is a square formation at the centre of the house that allows light and rain to fall. This is the ancestral house of poet Kuvempu which has now been turned into a museum. It has been quaint- ly named Kavimane, or the House of the Poet.

The village has only three or four houses and Kavimane is nestled amidst evergreen Malnad forests. Writing instruments, numerous awards re- ceived by the poet have been put on display.

The museum is open for public from morning
9 till evening 6.30. You can go through the museum after paying an entry fee of Rs 5 per head. Photogra- phy is prohibited inside. One has to take the Nation- al Highway 206 to reach Shimoga and from Shimoga to Tirthahalli to reach Kuppalli. Tirthahalli is about 80 km from Shimoga. The KSRTC has a direct bus from Bangalore to Kuppalli.



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